Food safety - HACCP

The HACCP digitalization app offers a smart and intuitive solution for daily business management. It enables easy and quick digital entry of data necessary for maintaining HACCP records. The app allows business owners or managers to review and verify all records. It alerts them if a record is incomplete or if an entry does not meet safety standards. All generated records are stored on a server, accessible anytime for review or printing.


The list below shows the results of this solution


Enhanced Record-Keeping Accuracy

The app facilitates quick and accurate data entry for HACCP records, ensuring compliance with safety standards and minimizing the risk of errors. This leads to improved reliability in record-keeping and adherence to health regulations.


Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts

Business owners and managers receive immediate alerts for incomplete records or entries not meeting safety standards, allowing for prompt corrective actions. This real-time monitoring ensures ongoing compliance and safety in operations.


Centralized Management of Compliance Documents

The app centralizes the management of sanitary certificates, hygiene standards, and equipment certifications. Automated reminders for permit expirations enhance compliance and reduce the risk of operating with outdated documents.


Improved Accessibility and Transparency

All HACCP records are securely stored online and are easily accessible for review, verification, and printing. This transparency and accessibility streamline audits, ensuring readiness for inspections and improving operational transparency.

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