Developer Tools & Capabilities

Empower Your IoT Development

Dive into the world of IoT development with IoTaaP. Our platform is engineered for developers, offering comprehensive device management, open hardware innovation, and extensive API access. Experience the freedom to create, control, and connect your IoT solutions with our advanced tools and open-source ecosystem.

Device Management

Advanced tools for device management, including fleet firmware deployment and real-time monitoring.

Open Hardware Innovation

Leverage our ESP32-based open hardware to create custom IoT solutions with full flexibility.

Robust Data Storage

Secure and scalable data storage solutions with easy API access for efficient data handling.

Real-Time Alerts & Alarms

Set up responsive alert systems using our intuitive tools for timely notifications and actions.

Customizable Dashboards

Tailored industry-specific dashboards for insightful and actionable data visualization.

Open API

Extensive, open API access enabling seamless integration and interaction with a wide range of devices.



The unique system built for ESP32 SoC which provides everything you need to successfully develop, deploy and manage your IoT devices.

  • Direct cloud and MQTT connectivity
  • Open Source
  • Encrypted
  • Current device status
  • Configurator API
  • Logging
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Open Hardware Platform

Our hardware, centered around the versatile ESP32 SoC, is fully open-source, providing you with everything needed for effective IoT development. From detailed schematics to comprehensive firmware examples for a range of devices, we ensure you have the resources to innovate and implement your IoT solutions with ease.

  • Access to Full Hardware Schematics
  • Customizable IoT Device Creation
  • Compliance with Industry Standards
  • Freedom from Platform Lock-In
  • Tools Tailored for Developers
  • High-Quality, Reliable Hardware
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Robust API Platform

Our platform offers an advanced API suite designed to streamline your IoT development. Access sensor data, utilize webhooks for real-time updates, and leverage our extensive documentation and SDKs to build, deploy, and manage IoT applications efficiently.

  • Easy Data Access and Storage
  • Comprehensive Webhooks Support
  • Extensive, User-Friendly Documentation
  • Versatile SDKs for Development
  • Seamless Integration Capabilities
  • Real-Time Data Management
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Enhanced MQTT Broker

The IoTaaP MQTT Broker is designed for secure and efficient IoT communication. Equipped with x509 certificate signing and robust authentication mechanisms, it ensures secure data transmission. Features like Sync Heartbeat with Unix time, enhanced security protocols, and topic access control elevate the reliability and safety of your IoT operations.

  • x509 Certificate Signing
  • Robust Authentication
  • Sync Heartbeat with Unix Time
  • Enhanced Security Protocols
  • Topic Access Control
  • Reliable IoT Communication
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IoTaaP LoRaWAN Network Server

The IoTaaP LoRaWAN Network Server brings unparalleled connectivity to your IoT devices. With options for hosted, dedicated, and shared servers, our network ensures enhanced security and wide coverage. Our advanced device catalogue supports a diverse range of IoT applications, ensuring your devices are always connected and secure.

  • Hosted, Dedicated, and Shared Options
  • Enhanced Network Security
  • Advanced Device Catalogue
  • Wide Network Coverage
  • Scalable and Reliable Connectivity
  • Support for Diverse IoT Applications
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